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Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne in which the pores in the skin become blocked, leading to infection and inflammation. Cystic acne infects your pores and grows a cyst which spreads the infection easily to nearby pores.

Without proper treatment, cystic acne can last for weeks and new ones may continue to form. Development of long lasting scars and skin blemishes can occur. This condition is more common in teenage boys and young men, but can be found in women of all ages.






  • Always meet a skin care professional
  • Self-care is required and also resist the urge to touch it so as not to get is worst or develop scars.
  • It is known that serious malfunctioning of Sebaceous glands found in the skin causes severe acne.

Factors that cause this malfunctioning is the sensitivity of the sebaceous glands to increasing levels of Androgen and Estrogen hormones especially during puberty and menstruation, Vitamin A and Vitamin D deficiencies, high insulin and Vitamin B5.

Vitamin A controls and regulates the sebaceous glands by reducing the enzymes that usually cause high Androgen levels.

Due to this Vitamin A factor, you will be able to benefit from one of the following treatments.

  1. Isotretinoin: This is a tablet form of retinoid ( related to vitamin A) that you will need to take every day for several weeks. This drug is very powerful and can clear the condition permanently. Be sure to meet a health personnel for prescription.
  2. Oral antibiotics: They help contol or kill the bacteria causing the skin infection and also reduce inflammation.
  3. Creams, lotions or gels which contain a form of vitamin A called retinoid can help unclog pores and support any antibiotics you’re prescribed.
  4. Contraceptive pills can also help some women.
  5. There are also ways to get rid of the black spots that have been caused by acne.

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