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Getting Waves highlights your hair and brings about a whole new level of attraction especially when you’ve got a clean scalp. Waves look prettier when scalp is clean. So those with scalp issues especially caused by Dandruff or Eczema should get it treated first.

Follow the brief steps below to get waves on your hair.

  • The very first thing you need is a short hair cut. Do not let the barber cut your hair too low to the extent that you can see your scalp.
  • Sock a towel in water, preferably warm water, squeeze the towel and use to wipe the Top of your hair form Back to Front. Do not wipe scattered but follow back to front direction for at least a minute.
  • You may repeat this process for the back and sides of your hair.
  • Apply a considerable amount of hair lotion or hair moisturizer to hair and brush. Brush your hair for at least 2 minutes using a medium hair brush which is not too hard and not too soft. Applying too much hair lotion at all times won’t make your waves come any faster.
  • In case you are just from showering, you do not need to do the towel process since hair is already wet. So just go ahead, moisturize and brush in order.
  • You can brush the Top of your hair from back to front and the Sides and Back of your hair from top to bottom.
  • Whatever direction you choose, make sure to maintain it daily. Brushing your hair always trains the hair to form in that direction.
  • Before going to bed, Make sure to put on a durag or wave-cap as shown below. This is to keep your waves from getting messed up. Always brush your hair after you remove cap in the morning.
  • Be patient and keep following the steps and you shall enjoy your new look.
  • Your hair will eventually grow and waves can disappear so always trim your hair to desired level. This maintains your waves.



Du-rag or wave-cap



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