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      7 Reasons to avoid Fake nails




There are several reasons why you should avoid fake nails.

A lot of girls like putting them on saying it helps cover up their natural nails which they assume are not that pretty or some just use the fake nails to highlight their fingers as these nails can be done in various shapes and colours. All that beauty comes at a great price.

After reading the reasons why you should avoid fake nails; but still consider putting them, then when you go to do your nails, you need to pay attention to what is going on. Sometimes the danger is not actually caused by the nails but from the person doing them especially if they are being done by an untrained person so you must be extremely careful. Also, let your nails be left empty for a while so that they can breath. Some people put fake nails the whole year which is not good.

There are countries like in the western world where women with fake nails can successfully go through their daily activities with very little stress because of their general life style, various machines and equipments at their disposal but they could still get infections. Here in Africa especially in countries like Cameroon, very few people can afford such things so most of the activities are done with the hands. If you find yourself in such a country, here are 7 reasons why you should avoid fake nails.

  • Infection: Fake nails could be applied with unsanitary tools or unsterilized equipment that can lead to infections. Also, your nails might just be allergic to the liquids that are used to apply fake nails. To stick these nails, your natural nails will be filed till they are rough. This weakens your natural nails and frequent filing can damage them. Signs of nail infection include pain, even after the fake nails have been removed; nails become darker or reddish, swelling and worst of all pus. You could even get nail fungi.
  • Laundry and cleaning: There is a way we Africans especially Cameroonians wash our cloths without using laundry machines. Some soak in water, apply soap and then hit continuously on a rock by the stream. It makes it easier for them to get water directly and rinse while others just soak the cloth in a bucket of water, apply soap and rub with both hands continuously to get rid of the dirt and stains. You cannot do such an activity with fake nails on because you might mistakenly hit the nails and break them or you can forcefully pull them out and this can lead to a blood clot or your natural nails can even come out with them forcefully. Imagine the pain and bleeding.
  • Cooking: There are many kinds of fire places use to cook food. Here in Cameroon, most of us use the three-stone fire side to smoke, boil, fry and to roast. You cannot put on fake nails and successfully carry out such an activity without breaking or burning them. Even to pill or use a knife will be difficult.

  • Farming: Putting on fake nails can keep you from farming especially harvesting crops like groundnuts, Potatoes, yams. In Cameroon, harvesting is mostly done with the hands and our fingers play a great role.
  • Child care: Nursing mothers should avoid fake nails. It is not hygienic and you can easily hurt the baby with them. Not just the baby but yourself too.
  • Personal Hygiene: With fake nails, it is difficult to take care of yourself. You can’t apply lotions and moisturizers well, you can’t easily put on some cloths and style your hair, it will be difficult to get something out of your eye and nostrils, and you can even wound your vagina when bathing.
  • Sport activities: If you are considering fake nails then be prepared to stay away from playing games like football, handball, volley ball, basketball, tennis etc. During such activities you might forcefully remove the nails leading to bleeding and pus.









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