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Palm kernel oil commonly called miyanga in Cameroon is gotten from palm kernel and it is edible. Palm kernel is a nut from the palm tree. Remember that palm kernel oil is different from palm oil commonly called Red oil in Cameroon.

This oil is semi solid at room temperatures and liquid at higher temperatures.

Palm kernel oil which is produced using the traditional heating method or what we can describe as locally extracted usually appears Black in colour while that which is gotten by Pressing using machines appears light yellow in colour.

In Cameroon, it is called Black miyanga or White miyanga as shown below.

Most prefer the white because the black has a very strong unique scent which many people avoid.



There are several benefits you can get from using Palm kernel oil. I have been using it on my skin for a while now and my skin looks amazing with a uniform color and very smooth. Many people don’t know this. They go after the artificial products which have several side effects and forget the benefits gotten from the natural ones especially from palm kernel oil.

For Adult skin

  • Palm kernel oil contains antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that remove damaging oxidizing agents in living organisms. Such substances are vitamin E or C. Oxidation which is the chemical reaction that causes iron to rust also plays a similar corrosive role in our bodies and also contributes to the fast ageing process. The presence of vitamin E in palm kernel oil which is antioxidant helps in anti ageing. It prevents occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines thereby slowing the fast ageing process. Many decide to include palm kernel oil in their diets while others apply on skin and face. Both methods are beneficial.

  • Palm kernel oil is packed with lauric and myristic fatty acids.

The presence of these acids in palm kernel oil makes it suitable for        manufacture of soaps, creams and other skin care products. Also for good skin   moisturizers which makes the skin soft, smooth and uniform.

  • Palm kernel oil protects the skin from ultra-violet rays.

Vitamin C and E present in palm kernel oil protects cell walls and regulates collagen breakdown. These Vitamins increase the skin’s ability to fight against the sun’s UV rays.

  • Applying palm kernel oil to your body also helps to control body odour.


For Children

  • Palm kernel oil is used to treat children with high fever. Just give the child a warm bath then apply the oil gently all over the child’s body after which you give the child 1 table spoon of the oil to drink.
  • It is also used to treat abdominal pain in children as well as skin rashes.
  • Sometimes when a child has difficulties in pushing out excreta, palm kernel oil is applied around the child’s anus to soften it.
  • Between the age of 0 and 12 months old, some babies have soft portions on their heads. The oil is applied to strengthen such parts.
  • In case of Epilepsy in children, a bit of palm kernel oil is dropped in the child’s eyes to remedy the situation.
  • Black palm kernel oil is believed by many Africans especially in Cameroon to keep babies saved from spiritual attacks and nightmares. It actually works for us.



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