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HEY HEY, to be Attractive is one thing but to STAY Attractive is another.

Before I celebrated my sweet 16, I was already battling ACNE, BLACK SPOTS, STRETCH MARKS, OILY FACE and DARK CIRCLES AROUND my eyes all at the same time. It was very uneasy, horrible and embarrassing I must confess.

At least today, I can even say for sure what I was suffering from by calling out their names. Back then as a teen in Boarding school, I just generalized them as RASHES and believed they must have come from the school environment, school food or from the water especially as the drugs and injections I took weekly during that period from the dispensary were doing me no good.

You know Africans right? My grandparents even started thinking it was some sought of witchcraft… HAHAHA, why because my face was covered with endless Pimples and black spots that were not responding to treatment.

My friends laughed at my face in hiding and my brother use to say my face can be use to GRATER Cocoyam HAHAHA. All this is funny now but back then it wasn’t funny at all.

As if that was not enough, I had to deal with a bed neighbor in school who had serious MOUTH ODOR so you can just imagine.


Today, I can barely remember those horrible days because my skin is back, my face is back and sure to my confidence is back! And so will yours so just keep reading.

I didn’t have to wait or become a health professional before I help people suffering from such skin complications understand them and go for the cure. The fastest way to do this was to start Blogging.

This blog explains a lot and also my routine for how I got rid of these skin complications. MY own personal experiences, my day to day communications with people suffering from such, my several visits to Doctors , Reading articles and books, Joining forums and watching videos have all given me better understanding of WHEN, WHY, and HOW these skin problems come about and how to go about the situation.

In my articles I mention several treatments and products. Some of which I have used and it worked well for me. But this blog should NOT BE USE FOR

SELF-DIAGNOSIS as the information here is primarily for General and Educational purposes.  It is to help you understand to a certain level what is happening to you so that you won’t think its witchcraft as my grandparents thought.

In case you wish to start using any of the treatments or products, please first seek the advice of a Skin care professional.

That’s not all. There are also a lot of beauty and health tips which you can consider to keep being attractive and unique.

Trust me, when you are Clean, Attractive, Unique and in Good health,